Dry furnace rollers for industrial furnaces up to 1,250 °C.


Higher working temperature. Longer service life.

Dry furnace rollers for industrial furnaces: From your requirements up to commissioning.

From single-part production to small series.

  • Dry furnace rollers up to 1,250 °C.
  • Furnace rollers made from high-performance materials for much better dimensional stability and a longer service life.
  • Full-service partner from joint development to commissioning.
  • More than 140 years of experience in stainless steel products.

Dry furnace rollers for economic advantages.

Higher working temperature. Longer service life.


At S+C , we base our activities on decades of experience in the field of high-quality stainless steel products for industrial furnace construction. We are continuously working to expand our wide range of in-house developed materials and to extend our product portfolio in line with industry's requirements.

Our dry furnace rollers made from the high-performance material Centralloy® 60 HT R have many economic advantages compared to water-cooled (wet) rollers. Water-cooled furnace rollers can withstand a maximum operating temperature of 1,180°C and generally have a service life of around two years. Their initial cost is low, but their operating cost is very high. Our alternative are uncooled, dry furnace rollers which can withstand working temperatures of up to 1,250 °C and offer a much better dimensional stability and a significantly longer service life. Their purchase price is higher, but their operating costs are significantly lower.

Our dry furnace rollers made of Centralloy® 60 HT R are also convincing due to an average 90% lower heat loss, they require significantly less energy, cause lower maintenance costs and truly do not require water storage/supply. You can also benefit from the special material properties of Centralloy® 60 HT R as a replacement for dry furnace rollers made of conventional CrNi materials.

We at S+C meet the requirements in your furnaces with our dry furnace rollers.

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Most important information on furnace rollers.

The most suitable furnace rollers for your requirements.

What are furnace rollers?

Furnace rollers are shaft-shaped, rotating industrial furnace components. They continuously convey the charged material and work in so-called, roller hearth or tunnel furnaces. In these types of furnaces, charging is done continuously for heating, holding, heat-equalizing or heat treatment of the charged material. The metallic rollers are made of heat-resistant steel or special alloys, but in some cases, ceramic furnace rollers are utilized.

What is the application of furnace rollers?

Furnace rollers are used for conveying long and flat metallic products through an industrial furnace, such as tubes, bars, slabs, plates and steel strip. The rollers should be suitable for conveying a wide variety of materials at a minimum of energy input.

In terms of construction type, a major difference is made between dry (uncooled) and wet (water-cooled) furnace rollers.

What are the characteristics of dry furnace rollers?

Dry furnace rollers can be made in one piece from a tube, but they are usually made of several parts as a welded construction. In the three-piece design, bearing journals are inserted laterally into the middle part (tube) and are welded together. In the five-piece version, so-called cones are installed between the center part (tube) and the bearing journals, which compensate for the difference in diameter between the center part and the bearing journal. They are designed in such a way that the bending and torsion forces that occur during usage can be absorbed.

The three- or five-piece furnace rollers are usually driven on one side via the bearing journal. An important factor in the design of furnace rollers is the selection of the most suitable combination of materials for center part, cones and journals in order to achieve the longest possible service life and to avoid breakdown in continuous operation.

What are the characteristics of wet furnace rollers?

Water-cooled furnace rollers are used wherever the load-bearing capacity of dry furnace rollers would be insufficient, if their strength limits would be exceeded at high temperature. Various designs of water-cooled furnace rollers are existing, whereby in all forms the cooling water is introduced through a bearing journal in order to continuously cool the inside of the roller barrel. With water cooling, the roller design is more complex compared to dry furnace rollers, but the materials used can be simpler, since the mechanical properties of low-alloy steels, at the relatively low roller temperatures, are sufficient.

Due to the enormous energy loss caused by water cooling, the economic efficiency of water-cooled furnace rollers is severely impaired, as the heat losses have to be compensated by continuous heating.


S+C supplies only dry (uncooled) furnace rollers. For the high-temperature range, the innovative high-performance material Centralloy® 60 HTR makes it possible to replace water-cooled furnace rollers with dry furnace rollers, in many cases. Due to operational and energy cost savings, the usage of such dry furnace rollers has a decisive economic advantage compared to wet (water-cooled) rollers.

Why furnace rollers
made by S+C?

Specialist for
furnace rollers up to 1,250 °C.

Industrial furnace construction.

More than 70 years

Single part production:

Series production:
Small series

Centralloy® 60 HT R, Centralloy® Micro alloys, CrNi steels, nickel-based alloys.

Development location:
Germany, Lindlar.

centrifugal casting, if necessary enquipped with static cast and forged components.

Machining, assembly, welding.

Full-service partner - R+D, failure investigation, materials + application consulting, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning, repair.

We warm up where others break a sweat.

Innovative stainless steel casting solutions up to 1,250 °C.

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We are continuously expanding our expertise in innovative stainless steel products,
helping customers to achieve groundbreaking customized solutions.

Reduce costs with
high-performance materials made by S+C.

We reduce your energy costs and improve your environmental audit.


Heat-resistant nickel/aluminum alloys made by S+C

Together with S+C and our patented heat resistant nickel/aluminum alloys, Centralloy® HTE and Centralloy® 60 HT R, you will take your next step forward towards "Green Manufacturing". The proprietary high-performance material Centralloy® 60 HT R, with which application temperatures of up to 1,250 °C are possible, convinces with its exceptional properties compared to conventional materials.

This optimum material is the industry's most temperature-resistant metallic material for furnace rollers. It is particularly creep resistant and retains its shape even at highest temperatures. Customers who previously used water-cooled furnace rollers in their furnaces switched over to "dry" furnace rollers made of Centralloy® 60 HT R after getting detailed advice of S+C.

35% lower energy costs.
Up to $2.3 million savings per year*

* Model calculation. Furnace-specific benefits must be considered specifically.

Heat-resistant alloys made by S+C.

The optimization of heat-resistant components for a longer service life and better sustainability is now one of the main topics in the equipping of new and existing furnaces. Important aspects in our consulting are operating temperatures, furnace atmospheres, heating, heating curves, product quality, service life expectancy, material selection, etc.

The optimum price-performance ratio is achieved above all by solutions tailored to the individual application.

In the field of heat resistant alloys S+C supplies the following materials:

  • Nickel/chromium alloys
  • Nickel-chromium-tungsten alloys
  • Microalloyed nickel-chromium-tungsten alloys
  • Nickel-chromium-tungsten-cobalt alloys

Heat-resistant stainless steel castings made by S+C.

Whether corrosion resistant, heat resistant or wear resistant, our experts will always find the right solution to ensure that your products perform best. In addition, S+C is certified according to ISO 50001:2018 for energy management systems. This means that energy-saving potentials are identified and leveraged in the manufacturing plant, all in the spirit for a more sustainable production, which includes also recycling.

Customers can offer S+C used stainless steel components so that they can be directly returned to the material cycle or can be professionally recycled.

In the area of heat-resistant stainless steels, S+C supplies the following materials:

  • Ferritic-austenitic cast steel (duplex)
  • Austenitic cast steel (chromium/nickel steels)
  • Microalloyed austenitic cast steel

Economic added value

Example calculation:
furnace rollers in a heat equlization furnace.

A customer who had previously used water-cooled furnace rollers in his furnaces switched to "dry" furnace rollers made of Centralloy® 60 HT R ,after detailed advice from S+C. The higher initial cost compared to conventional water-cooled rollers paid off in lower operating costs and other benefits: By switching to dry furnace rollers made of Centralloy® 60 HT R (360 mm or 425 mm), energy consumption and thus energy costs were reduced by up to 35% annually.

Based on our customer's entire furnace (capacity 4 million tons/year) and taking the longer service life of our furnace rollers into account (50 to 125%), this results in savings of between USD 1.8 and 2.5 million per year.


The lower energy consumption and the lower raw material requirements for the production of the furnace rollers also have another advantage: both protect the environment, which is of increasing importance for companies that are operating sustainably.


Let's talk about your requirements.

Our furnace rollers for industrial furnaces. We also have the perfect solution for your requirement. Get to know us and our expertise in developing dry furnace rollers for industrial furnaces up to 1250 °C.

Axel Korb

Area Sales Manager - Western Europe | Special Products

a.korb@schmidt-clemens.de +49 2266 92-417

Furnace rollers made of Centralloy® 60 HT R in the trial phase at our customer
SMST Deutschland GmbH.

Specialty: The high-temperature range

Challange: Particular challenging are the different temperatures, in a range from 560 - 1,230°C ,in the furnace of our customer SMST Deutschland GmbH.

Solution: In 2006 we started the joint trial phase with the use of our dry furnace rollers. The furnace rollers made of the high-performance material Centralloy® 60 HT R were in use for up to nine years and impressed with their particularly long service life and good dimensional stability. Based on the positive results during the joint trial phase, SMST Deutschland GmbH decided to use additional furnace rollers from S+C since 2012, namely in the high-temperature range up to 1,230 °C. To date, the high-performance material Centralloy® 60 HT R has proven to be particularly suitable for the extreme requirements of our customer's furnaces.

Solution for the temperatures in our furnaces.

Mr. Stefan Evertz (Dipl.-Ing.) Evertz
SMST Deutschland GmbH

As a result of the trial phase in partnership with S+C, the dry furnace rollers made of Centralloy® 60 HT R have proven particular successful.