S+C: The innovative stainless steel foundry with long history


High-performance products.

Outstanding components and solutions.

What particularly distinguishes ourselves as a stainless steel foundry:

  • Special products from raw castings to semi-finished products and ready-to-install components
  • Corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and wear-resistant products
  • High-quality stainless steel in centrifugal casting, static and investment casting
  • Welded fabrications are our specialty

Why does S+Cstands out from other stainless steel foundries in the industry?

Quality since 1879.

Since 1879, the name Schmidt + Clemens has been synonymous for the highest quality in stainless steel. From this time on, the "Made by S+C" signet has been a guarantee for outstanding components and solutions made of high-quality steels and alloys.

Our “Special Products” business ranges from centrifugally cast tubes up to semi-finished products and cover even ready-to-install components. Whether corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant or wear-resistant, our experts always find the right solution to ensure that your products perform to desired maximum performance.

Our manufacturing processes contain centrifugal casting, sand casting and investment casting. All our products are of course solely made from high-quality stainless steel and alloys. Welded fabrications, if necessary assembled from components of different manufacturing processes, are also a specialty of S+C.

This versatility is unique in the stainless steel industry and offers our customers the desired solutions from a single source.

We are proud of our long tradition as a stainless steel foundry.

Our manufacturing processes:

Centrifugal casting – Vertical and horizontal centrifugal casting

The centrifugal casting process that has perfected by S+C for stainless steels is nowadays the first choice for the production of hollow, rotationally symmetrical components, regardless of whether they are cylindrical or conical in shape. The directional solidification, with a uniformly distributed grain structure, typical for this casting process, enables workpieces whose technological properties are clearly superior to products made by other manufacturing processes.

In a particular noteworthy is the good dimensional stability as well as the excellent creep resistance in the high-temperature range.

Static casting – For freedom of design

The static (sand) casting process is best suited for the production of parts with complex geometries, possibly with cavities and different cross-sections. In this process, there are hardly any limits to the freedom of design. To ensure best castability, we rely on digital 3-D solidification simulation.

We use the latest FEM technology in order to achieve the best possible result or, if necessary or desired, to make proposals on how to optimize the component with modifications, or to achieve cost savings.

Investment casting process - For smaller and complex castings

Stainless steel castings in sizes up to 500 mm length and 45 kgs (80 kgs)* of weight can be manufactured optimally by using the investment casting process. This process enable very precise and clearly shaped parts with high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality. Due to their high precision, investment castings are usually ready or almost ready for installation in the as-cast state but we can also supply you pre-machined or finish-machined investment castings, and this at an exceptionally good value for money.

Our manufacturing processes.

Stainless steel products and components up to 1250 °C. Made by S+C.

S+C manufacturing processes in comparison.

Static casting Investment casting Vertical centrifugal casting Horizontal centrifugal casting
Outer Ø 30mm - 2,000mm - 150mm - 1,800mm 50mm - 1,300mm (Single raw casting without machining)
Length 30mm - 4,500mm 500mm - 5,550mm (for Ø1,300mm the length is max. 1,520mm)
Width 30mm - 2.000mm 500mm - -
Height 1,700mm 400mm 150mm - 1. 700mm -
Weight (operational/finished) 5,600kg / 3,000kg 0.005kg - 45kg *In single production 80kg 6,000kg 6,000kg
Maximum speed/ -G-force* - - 600rpm / 180G 1,200rpm / 140G
**1G corresponds to 1 times the acceleration due to gravity. The G-force in the centrifugal casting process acts on the solidifying steel through rotation and influences the microstructure formation during solidification towards better mechanical values. Gases and unwanted inclusions are driven to the inner diameter and can be easily removed by mechanical processing.

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Axel Korb

Area Sales Manager - Western Europe | Special Products

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