Indirectly heated rotary kilns and tubular retorts for thermal process engineering up to 1250 °C.


Longer service life -> Lower operating costs.

Special solutions for thermal process engineering.

From single part production to small series and large orders.

  • High-performance materials for greater dimensional stability and longer service life.
  • Components for operating temperatures up to 1250 °C.
  • Full-service partner (failure investigation, advisory service, production, repair)
  • Decades of experience in the field of heat-resistant materials for the thermal process industry.

Solutions for thermal process engineering.

Highly skilled and experienced from single part production to large orders.


At S+C , we base our activities on decades of experience in the field of high-quality stainless steel products for industrial furnace construction. We are continuously working to expand our wide range of in-house developed materials to extend our product portfolio in line with the industry's requirements.

Thermally treated bulk materials such as powders and granules accompany our life in many products and are used, for example, in the ceramics industry, powder metallurgy, and in the production of inorganic color pigments and high-purity aluminas.

These bulk materials are often an essential component of high-quality materials and have a decisive influence on the quality of the products. Thermal processing in indirectly heated rotary kilns, as well as in tube retorts, plays an important role in this process.

Indirectly heated rotary kilns and tube retorts made of heat-resistant Centralloy® centrifugally cast tubes are clearly superior to longitudinally welded tubes in terms of service life and dimensional stability. This reduces your overall costs and improves your environmental balance. Our experts will be pleased to advise you on the optimum use of materials for your requirements.

Why rotary kilns and tube retorts
made by S+C?

Materials and components up to 1,250 °C.

Process engineering

More than 70 years in centrifugal casting

Single part production:

Series production:
Small series

Rotary kilns and tube retorts

Centralloy® 60 HT R, Centralloy® Micro alloys, CrNi steels, nickel-based alloys.

Development location:
Germany, Lindlar.

Centrifugal casting

Machining, assembly, welding.

Full-service partner - R+D, failure investigation, materials + application consulting, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning, repair.

Overview of products:


Let's talk about your requirements.

Our components for thermal process engineering. We have the perfect solution for your requirement. Get to S+C and our expertise in the development of indireclty heated rotary kilns and tube retorts up to 1250°C.

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