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Production weldings, repair weldings and
joint weldings of S+C.

We fully meet the welding quality requirements.

At S+C , we are able to offer various welding methods. Regardless if production, repair or joint weldings are necessary or desired, all weldings are carried out in-house or under our control.

  • We meet the welding requirements according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2.
  • Our welders are certified for welding nickel alloys according to DIN EN 9606-4.
  • Our in-house welding methods: MIG, MAG, MMW (manual metal arc welding).
  • External welding methods: Laser welding, electron beam welding.

The best and most economical welding method for your requirement.

„Made by S+C” also means: Our experts select the most suitable welding method for you: MIG, MAG, MMW (manual metal arc welding), laser welding (external) and electron beam welding (external).

Our experienced welders are certified according to DIN EN 9606-4 and we at S+C have proven that as a manufacturer we meet the welding quality requirements according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2 as so-called "comprehensive quality requirements".


Comprehensive quality requirements.

We are able to perform all fabrication, repair and joint weldings on our components or get them made under our control.

TÜV Rheinland confirms that we understand our craftmanship.

Welding overview:

More than 70 years in welding.

Single part production:

Series production:
Small series

Machining, assembly, welding.

Full-service partner - R+D, failure analysis, materials + application consulting, fabrication, assembly, commissioning, repair.

Welding / responsibility.

The importance of joint welds.

Industrial furnace components are subject to a variety of stresses. In addition to the selection of the most suitable alloy of the heat-resistant centrifugally cast tubes, the quality of the welded joints plays a dominant role in the durability of these components. Examples are rotary kilns, pusher tubes, radiant tubes, furnace construction tubes and furnace rollers.

In current regulations, it is noted that the properties of the weld seams and the heat-affected zone must adequately meet the requirements of the base material.

Many material data sheets for austenitic, heat-resistant cast steels and nickel alloys indicate a good weldability without preheating, by using the common welding techniques. This is correct in a way, but for best results, a few important points need to be taken in account. Although the welding experience gained in the field of wrought alloys can basically be adopted, the parameters must be adjusted accordingly, because centrifugal castings differ in terms of their carbon / alloy content, material structure and also often in their wall thickness. Due to this, the results depend on the qualification and experience of the manufacturer.

S+C’s welders are certified according to DIN EN 9606-4, for welding of Nickel alloys.

Our advice for best results:

  • Strict separation from the workplace where carbon steels are processed to avoid contamination
  • Select welding technique and filler material according to manufacturer's recommendation
  • Define welding parameters according to material and welding consumable manufacturer's recommendation
  • Carry out an appropriate weld preparation
  • Visual inspection and, if necessary, dye penetrant inspection of prepared areas
  • Remove casting pores and linear indications
  • Clean from soil, oil and testing agents
  • Weld in a tension-free state (pre-heat thick-walled / complex components, if necessary)
  • Lowest possible heat input in order to avoid hot cracks (string bead technique, do not oscillate)
  • Monitor interpass temperature
  • Remove complete tarnish by using stainless steel brushes while the weld is still hot
  • Perform non-destructive material testing, e.g. dye penetrant inspection, hydrostatic pressure test

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